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Which strengthens an arguement that what we should be concentrating on delivering online is not transactions but information, usefully structured to arm the customer (or intermediary) with the information they require in order to undertake a more efficient 'right first time' transaction. This is a particularly strong arguement for Directgov propositions where tools such as entitlement calculators, personalised step by step guides through the maze etc. could strengthen its USP. But, it requires thought out information design - screeds of text, reordered depending upon which route you get to it from, is not going deliver the equivilent public service of the multichanneling described here.

careful about the words used here. Good information online is useful but a high percentage of customers, once informed, seek to complete the transaction there and then unless they are purchasing a touchy feely thing e.g. a car, a dress etc. I know these figures don't translate to percentage take up but it sure is a big indication that our £5billion admin budget could be cut if we implement online transactions alongside and as part of good informative websites

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