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all very correct, and perfectly true...

We have to learn to understand and live with the leaders we have, and use their capabilities in a constrained world to achive what is possible. If we can accept these challenges, then maybe we can and should accept a different approach to engagement, communication and ultimately how we can measure success..

In our constrained world, a more outwardly focused set of initiatives to grow a common understanding, which communicates the issues, provides engagement across the estate, might be a better and more useful approach...( than the secret squirrel approach )...

Strategy is as much about communication as it is about thought and Vision.

BTW : Sailing in any competative form requires a clear skipper, who is responsible for the lives of all the crew and passengers. In all circumstances the skipper has to give clear orders and guidence to ensure winds/tides/weather dont cause the destruction of the yacht or endanger the life of the crew. Failure to do this will often cause the crew to loose confidence in the skipper and can lead to catastropohic events.

But crews need the right system of pullies to make the boat behave in the way the skipper wants it to...

I'll send you some thoughts on why it is system not structure that is the way to strategic alignment.

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