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This is a great example of a conundrum that is becoming more central to my thinking about the whole eGovernment project, expressed by a view I put to a recent eGovt conference in Thailand that we were witnessing lots of change but not much transformation.

At what point does the technology-process reform interaction tip over from one to the other - that is, tip over from making the current process work better (do your tax assessment on line instead of on paper)to coming up with an entirely different process altogether (but which is only imaginable or even feasible if you can do it with whatever is the latest version of 'online')?

I'm increasingly interested in how we might speed up the process of imagining, inventing and then innovating what that "entirely new process" might be. The problem right now is that much eGovt talk tends to a slightly self-congratulatory obsession with transformation when the process realities that most people are faced with in their dealings with government are stubbornly untransformed (although, in some cases, mightily changed...which is perhaps enough?).

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