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Like you, I've got a low threshold of tolerance for neologisms. They're too often unnecessary and self-serving.

I don't think I can quite swallow "produsage". I think I'd swallomit.

But the idea of participative design and creation is a powerful one, especially in defining the need for, creating and monitoring contempory public services. So much of what people need they can do for themselves and for each other - all the informative and compassionate bits, for starters.

Designers speak of co-creation or co-production, and when you add up all the possible aspects in government you reach what has been dubbed co-governance. I've accepted that neologism, though we havent begun to map out what it would really mean or how strongly it would be resisted.

Is this the same thing?

Co-creation and co-production I can just about live with - though I am not sure that either has yet acquired a fully settled meaning. Co-governance is another new one to me. Is that what we used to call "democracy", or is that hopelessly old fashioned?
But I don't think any of those is produsage (which is just as well, or we might have to use the wretched word). If I have understood it right that's more about collaborative improvement from linux through wikipedia to facebook where the distinction between the producer and the user of the service becomes blurred. Co-creation et al are more, at this stage to do with the distinction between designer and user becoming blurred. A disabled person with an individual budget is still unambiguously the person being cared for, even if the way the design and delivery of the care is done very differently. All of these words blur into one another: some will survive, others we can hope will not, but attempting a precisely graded taxonomy of these concepts is probably doomed to failure.

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