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Yup - completely agree about the FAQs. I love the way KK deals with the universal questions and also with the seemlingly trivial with equal clarity.

We should audit government web sites for quality of FAQs.....any sponsors out there anyone?

I must say I have always liked the FAQ pages which are written by those asking the Qs in the first place. Like when I tried to set up a wiki for my family a year or so ago, and found the wiki-pages for FAQs, which were marvellously clear (and the guy who had answered my particular question even responded instantaneously from Sri Lanka when I emailed him a further Q about the solution he posed). Fab. It strikes me that this links to that (not so) strange phenomenon that public service users often know more than public servants about how to get services and systems to WORK. Incentivising these people to write the FAQs pages would seem to be full of promise.

Nothing irritates me more than policy officials trying to publish faqs on my websites. So much, that I banned them. Without exception they come directly from ministerial briefing, in fact sometimes I've been sent the briefing documents themselves and asked to make them 'web friendly'. That's easy, straight in the bin.
Like Ruth, I think well written faqs, based on what people are actually asking, are extremely useful. When civil servants start asking the questions, I might start publishing the answers.

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