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Thanks for this helpful and constructive feedback on the Taskforce report.

To pick up just a couple of them:

Finding the report - I agree it mostly an existing community of interest that knows about it. We had to strike a balance here between the constraints that might accompany a full traditional report release and the flexibility we wanted to try something new with this one. In the end I felt it better to release the beta in a relatively low key way and then seek wider coverage through traditional media channels for the more formal process of the government response to it which will happen in a few weeks' time.

Reading and writing formats - this is a very interesting observation. We are learning from the experience of trying new publishing models throught this process. It also seems apparent to me that we have a way to go in getting this 'right'. To a large degree we have followed a traditional government report format - foreword, exec summary, body, recommendations etc. - and this can seem awkward when presented in this new format. I hope we can learn again from this report's experience building on the other work that has been done by e.g. CommentOnThis and DIUS.

Richard Allan, Taskforce Chair.

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