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They're using a service called FreeDNS, which offers uk.to as its UK-centric free domain. Why use a free one? Because it avoids the procurement people, of course. (Implications for the non-proliferation of domains under web rationalisation, though!)

And there is a comment function in the innovate.direct.gov.uk site - it's just that you can't actually get to it until you click through to the actual post page, and the design doesn't help you distinguish which one that is. (I've already mentioned that to them; no response as yet. Five seconds to fix, but they're clearly focussing elsewhere.) Example:


Thanks for putting me straight - I have made a couple of corrections to the post (though I am pretty sure the names have appeared since this morning).

I am slightly more hesitant about uk.to. Not getting stuck in procurement is clearly essential for anybody with aspirations to a 24 hour delivery cycle, the difference between an innovation space and a production service is a crucial one (which Paul & co are right to emphasise), but there is something important about avoiding even the appearance of flakiness in government and quasi-governmetn services, the more so in a world where playing games with domain names is what makes phishing work. I am genuinely unsure how to strike the balance there - but eventually we are going to have to be careful to get some of these details right.

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