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My inference from the 50% figure for wiki use for business is that employers are thinking about wikis for research (e.g. Wikipedia) as well as corporate intranets with wiki features. The qualitative research which was conducted alongside the quantitative seems to bear this out.

Re: discussions of customer experience, I struggle to get over the somewhat naive point that Tesco probably wouldn't be so fanatical about customers if it were the only grocery store its customers could visit. Though I'm a little young to remember, I suspect the now-privatised utilities were rather less customer-focussed thirty years ago. The efforts I've seen in government rather tend to pay lip-service to being customer-focussed - but then there's simply not the same imperative.

Steph - thanks for the clarification about wikis. On customer experience, I don't think your point is naive at all - it is one of the fundamental differences between markets and the rest of us, and I agree with your implication that assuming we can or should be like Tesco is not the right approach. But a large part of the public sector is largely about delivering services to individuals, so it isn't unreasonable to think that boards might spend a considerable part of their energy being focused on that. That may well be harder for them to achieve, because they don't have the power of market pressure faced by Tesco, but interesting things might follow if they did.

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