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Wish I could have been there (and also at the Oval at the same time!) Sounds wonderful. How long have we needed this? Well done for being there and building bridges!

Really glad someone got a pic of the TFHell whiteboard.

Thanks for your support! As soon as we've got the data we plan on a public launch for all major mobile platforms, as well as releasing components for iGoogle and popular social networks. Oh and we've got a nice Twitter experiment lined up too - as close to SMS as we can afford right now.

Once we've found a better (well, more appropriate) name we plan on contacting a few people from the political world and TfL itself. Any direction (from anyone reading this) would be greatly appreciated - contact us here:


Welcome to blogging! :]

You've probably seen it but if not, I pulled out two projects which inspired me here http://paulcanning.blogspot.com/2009/08/rewired-state-goes-teen-and-scores.html

Paul - thanks: I had spotted it and it's in the next post - http://strategytalk.typepad.com/public_strategy/2009/08/young-rewired-state-the-meta-page.html - with other commentary. I have just added the video to that picked up from your tweet, so thanks for the pointer.

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